TOKKI is a pioneer of solid lubricant and coating applicator.Developed the first "dry-type lubrication system" in Japan.

Brdon Wax 

Superior load carrying capacity than lubricants!【Brdon Wax】

Wear preventing wax for iron wheel flanges of cranes.
Dry film will prevent damage to machinery from dust.

Wax-base lubricant with extremely superior close adhesion that is made of molybdenum disulfide and graphite solidified with paraffin.

A tremendous effect can be expected on cranes that have been operated without lubrication of wheel flange and rail side surface.

Applicable Flange Applicator Small: X – 1、X – 2、X – 5
Large: X – 3、X – 4、X – 6
Quantity 24pcs/box
(Sold separately only when flange applicator is purchased.)
Weight Small:15g / Pieces  Large:34g / Pieces
Main component Molybdenum disulfide, Parapin

Bordon Wax


Bordon Wax (Small)

Bordon Wax (Large)

Bordon Wax (Large)

External view

External view

*Please be careful of knock-off products on the market with less than 1/10th of our company’s Charpy test performance for solid lubricant waxing!

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