Superior load carrying capacity than lubricants!【Brdon Wax】

Wear preventing wax for iron wheel flanges of cranes.
Dry film will prevent damage to machinery from dust.

Wax-base lubricant with extremely superior close adhesion that is made of molybdenum disulfide and graphite solidified with paraffin.

A tremendous effect can be expected on cranes that have been operated without lubrication of wheel flange and rail side surface.

Applicable Flange ApplicatorSmall: X – 1、X – 2、X – 5
Large: X – 3、X – 4、X – 6
(Sold separately only when flange applicator is purchased.)
WeightSmall:15g / Pieces  Large:34g / Pieces
Main componentMolybdenum disulfide, Parapin
Bordon Wax
Bordon Wax (Small)
Bordon Wax (Large)
External view

*Please be careful of knock-off products on the market with less than 1/10th of our company’s Charpy test performance for solid lubricant waxing!