Against wear on wheels of cranes…
Low costs realized through super service
life & high efficiency!

TOKKI Co., Ltd., a pioneer of solid lubricant & applicator, since developing Japan’s first “dry-type lubrication system (solid wax)” in the 50’s, has continued to prevent wear on crane wheels and rails and maintained the top share in Japan through the reliability of its performances.

Please contact us if you wish to reduce the labor and cost of machinery maintenance.


Frange Applicator・Plane Applicator

Excellent applicator in terms of safety and maintenance. Use as a set with solid lubricant.

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Wax-base solid lubricant

Solid lubricant wax that can be used for an extended period by applying a certain coating volume. Please select based on intended use.

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Rail Sweeper

Rail surface can be cleaned just by attaching to travelling machinery such as a crane.

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We sell grease for wire ropes and lithium grease for high loads.

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Various sprays

Grease spray that can be used for pins, hinges, bearings, gears and chains, etc., of machinery.

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We have lubricants particularly suited for the maintenance of cranes.

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Various special-purpose machines

We assist in energy saving and automation.

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Test machines and inspection machines

We manufacture test machines for tribology, material, performance, etc.

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Test pieces

We manufacture test pieces according to our customers’ needs, such as wear, impact, and frictional wear.

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Special-purpose machine for insulatorstors

Company brand special-purpose machine for insulator manufacturing.

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