For preventing wear on high temperature planes of ironworks and garbage burning sites.【Plane applicator (for high temperature)】

The plane exposed to high temperatures in a ladle crane of an ironworks and a hopper rail of garbage burning sites have many areas in which friction occurs under high temperature.
The plane applicator (high temperature type) reduces the friction resistance of high temperature areas which conventional waxes cannot deal with to prevent plane wear.

ApplicationFor the plane of ladle cranes, garbage burning hopper, etc.
Wax size and weight30mm✕60mm✕80mm 263g
Wax tensionWeight formula
1426g(Wax is not applied)
MOWAX High Temperature
Weight1426g(Wax is not applied)
Applicable waxMOWAX High Temperature
Heatproof temperature250℃
Plane applicator (for high temperature)
Garbage burning hopper
Hopper rail