TOKKI Co., Ltd. is the leading maker of “original lubricant & equipment” for industrial machinery.
Since developing Japan’s first “dry-type lubrication system” in the 50’s, TOKKI has continued to prevent wear on steel wheels especially in the crane industry and maintained the top share in Japan through reliability of its performances.

Please contact us if you wish to reduce the labor and cost of maintaining industrial machinery.
We will deliver safe/secure/high quality “lubricant & surrounding equipment” with just a single phone call.

Origin of the logo

Since the founding, we have received continuing support for TOKKI’s uniquely shaped flange applicator and wax-base solid lubricant.
Therefore, our logo takes the image resembling both the shape of the TOKKI original wax-base solid lubricant and the way the wax is in contact with a wheel flange, and this has become established as TOKKI brand over the last 50 years.

Corporate Philosophy

The company, by continuously developing lubricant products, aims to reduce the wear & tear of mechanical devices further enhancing the safety of working environment in a bid to save more natural resources.

Message from the Managing Director

First of all, I’d on behalf of the company show sincere gratitude for the customers for their care about TOKKI products.

Established in 1964, this company has been engaged in production of solid lubricant applicator based on hoist industry, the product is designed to alleviate the wear and tear between the wheel and rail.

In the past, people engaged in heavy industry always applied lubricating grease directly between the crane wheel and rail to reduce the wear therebetween, however, they soon found it not correct. The lubricated rail surface soon became stained with dust, which not only influence the safety of driving but also cause the oil stain spreading around the crane.

To solve the above problem, our company’s founder Mr.Kiyotaka Takimoto first developed the molybdenum pyrites-based lubricating spreading method and further produced TOKKI wheel flange applicator.

For more than 50 years, we have made contribution to the reduction of wear between the hoist wheel flange and rail.
The more than fifty years successful operation of our company shall attribute to all users’ support and care, we’d once again express our thanks.

In the future we’ll continue to devote to the development of high-quality products. Please keep paying close attention to our products, besides, your advices are welcomed!

Representative Director Tsuyoshi Sukegawa

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