Superior load carrying capacity than lubricants! & Further high adhesion!【Super Wax】

Evolution of Bordon wax by including special lubricating paste. Stable film with which close adhesion and early resolution to initial galling are realized.

For a section in which Bordon wax requires a long time to be effective. Higher adhesive characteristics are required for lubrication film for a surface form which Bordon wax is easily scraped off due to large sliding resistance.

The Super Wax is especially effective for such sliding objects with high loads.

Applicable Flange ApplicatorSmall:X – 1、X – 2、X – 5
Large:X – 3、X – 4、X – 6
(Sold separately only when flange applicator is purchased.)
WeightSmall:14.3g / Pieces  Large:32g / Pieces
Main componentMolybdenum disulfide , Parapin , Special Gel
Super Wax
Super Wax (small)
Super Wax (Large)
External view

※ In environments such as foundries, ship repair docks, etc., in which inorganic particles are present, the adhesion of inorganic dust may inhibit the anti-friction effect.