Superior load carrying capacity than lubricants! & Further high adhesion!【MOWAX Super】

Further evolution of MOWAX by including special lubricating paste. Stable film with which close adhesion and early resolution to initial galling are realized.

For a section in which MOWAX requires a long time to be effective. Higher adhesive characteristics are required for lubrication film for a surface form which MOWAX is easily scraped off due to large sliding resistance.

The MOWAX Super is especially effective for such sliding objects with high loads.

Applicable ApplicatorPlane Applicator or Original Container
Order UnitProduction on order of 6 units each
Size & Weight35mm✕50mm✕125mm : 272g / Pieces
35mm✕60mm✕125mm : 328g / Pieces
45mm✕80mm✕125mm : 548g / Pieces
We can also create different sizes according to the customer’s needs.
Main ComponentMolybdenum disulfide , Parapin , Special Gel
Turning Stage
Plane Applicator

※ In environments such as foundries, ship repair docks, etc., in which inorganic particles are present, the adhesion of inorganic dust may inhibit the anti-friction effect. Please use MOWAX in such environments.