Docks, garbage burning site, etc.

Docks/gantry crane

Gantry cranes of docks are subjected to weather, and because of frequent lifting and lower of containers with at high speed, the operation environment is harsh.

MOWAX (Standard type)

When driving the traversing wire through traction force, slip of the wheel is caused, which increases the frictional force on the rail surface. Since installing the plane applicator, the movement became smooth.

Garbage burning site’s pusher rail

The bucket pusher rails of garbage burning site have a high rail wear due to the transmission of the hear from the incinerator, where replacement took place every 3 years.

MOWAX (High temperature type)

Since installing the plan applicator (for high temperature wax), rail wear was suppressed and stable operation continues.

Dock/jib crane

For the rotating component of the jib cranes in docks, the roller rotates on the circular rail.

MOWAX(Standard type)

Installing a plane applicator on the surface of the circular rail helps smooth rolling of the roller.