For preventing wear of wheel flange of ordinary cranes.【X-2】

The mid-size cranes used in ironworks and ordinary factories and storages have many areas in which friction occurs between the wheel flange and rail side surface.
Flange applicator reduces that friction resistance, thereby preventing wear on wheel flanges and rail side surfaces.

ApplicationFor ordinary crane (travelling/traversing) wheels etc.
Width of Rail Tread70~90mm
Applicable railUnder 50kg/m light weight rail
Width of Adjuster120mm
Weight1200g (Wax is not applied)
Applicable waxBordon Wax Small
Super Wax Small
Bordon High Temperature Wax Small
(Wax is sold separately. 24pcs/box)
※Applicable rail is for reference only.
Please select by referring to rail tread of wheel.
Flange Applicator Model X – 2