Aluminum extrusion process dedicated wax.【Graphite Wax】

In the aluminum extrusion process, a strong force is applied to a high temperature aluminum material (billet) using the extrusion press to push the material out of the hole of the dice.
During which dedicated wax is applied to the high temperature pusher end surface to prevent aluminum adhesion during extrusion.

Wax with extremely superior detachability, which is made of graphite solidified with paraffin.

UsePusher end surface of aluminum extrusion process.
SizeAutomatic type:Outer Diameter φ210mm×Inner Diameter φ140mm×Length 80mm
Hand application type:Outer Diameter φ70mm×Length 120mm
WeightAutomatic type:1460g
Hand application type:415g
Main componentGraphite , Parapin
Graphite Wax
Automatic type implementation photo
Hand application type example of use