Outstanding for heat resistance.【Brdon High Temperature Wax】

Wear preventing wax for wheel flange subject to high temperature, such as ladle cranes of ironworks.
Dry film will prevent damage to machinery from dust.

Superior heat resistance from heating clay to harden molybdenum disulfide and graphite.

A tremendous effect can be expected on cranes that have been operated without lubrication of wheel flange and rail side surface.

Applicable Flange ApplicatorSmall: X – 1、X – 2、X – 5
Large: X – 3、X – 4、X – 6
(Sold separately only when flange applicator is purchased.)
WeightSmall:23g / Pieces  Large:50g / Pieces
Main componentMolybdenum Disulfide , Graphite , Clay
Heatproof temperature250℃
Brdon High Temperature Wax
Brdon High Temperature Wax (Small)
Brdon High Temperature Wax (Large)
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