Reduce labor and costs and extend the life of crane wheels and rails!

TOKKI has developed the first dry lubrication method for solid lubricant waxing in Japan.
We also provide comprehensive support including pulley greasing and surface cleaning for rails.

What is a solid lubricant ?

Some representative examples of solid lubricants.

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Representative examples of solid lubricants

Process and special features of functional coating film (dry film).

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Comparison of the solid lubricant wax and lubricating oil

Test results for solid lubricant waxing and the lubricating oil mechanism under extreme pressure.

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Characteristic of the Flange applicator

Application of solid lubricant waxing, and special features of the flange applicator.

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Strength of wax-base solid lubricant

Bordon Wax and Bordon High Temperature Wax measured through a three-point bending test and the rupture condition measured through the reciprocation test.

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Test of Rail Sweeper (with a ground belt)

Conducted an artificial-lightning strike test to measure the capability of the antistatic rail sweeper (With a grounding belt)

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Making of insulator

he insulator making process is shown with pictures.

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