For preventing plane wear of gantry cranes, ordinary cranes, etc.【Plane applicator (for room temperature)】

The tread surface of wheels moving the wire rope of gantry cranes used in docks and wheel flanges of mid-sized cranes used in ordinary factories and storages have many other areas in which friction occurs between surfaces.
The flange applicator reduced friction resistance in areas in which coating cannot be applied using a conventional flange surface to prevent plane wear.

ApplicationFor plane of gantry crane traverse wheel, ordinary cranes, etc.
Wax size and weightSMALL:30mm✕55mm✕100mm 212g
LARGE:45mm✕80mm✕125mm 553g
Wax tensionUniform load spring
WeightSMALL : 675g(Wax is not applied)
LARGE : 1500g(Wax is not applied)
Applicable waxMOWAX
Plane applicator (for room temperature)
Quay / Gantry cranes
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