Clean foreign materials on rail surface to prevent slipping and wear.【Standard Type】

When there are foreign materials on the rail surface, the rail and wheels may be damaged due to biting or running aground. To prevent such things, use a rail surface cleaner “Rail Sweeper.” Rail surface can be cleaned just by attaching to the travelling machine of cranes, etc.

UseFor sweeping ordinary crane rail surface.
Applicable railSmall: Under 60kg/m regular lail
Large: Over 73kg/m regular lail
Plate SizeSmall: Thickness 12mm × Deps 100mm × Width 160mm
Large: Thickness 12mm ×Deps 100mm × Width 260mm
Brush SizeSmall: Length of wire 55mm × Deps 95mm × Width 110mm
Large: Length of wire 55mm × Deps 95mm × Width 200mm
WeightSmall: 2320g (Exchange brush alone:780g)
Large: 3250g (Exchange brush alone:1285g)
NoteReplacement brush from the base component is available.
Standard Type Small
Standard Type Small (Reverse)
Standard Type Large
Standard Type Large (Reverse)