Wipe off the oil mist on the rail to prevent slipping.【Felt Type】

In environments with plenty of oil mist such as machining factories and where moisture from steam gets stuck on rail surface, slipping of the wheels is caused.
In such environments, instead of cleaning with stainless wire brushes, wiping with felt is more effective.

UseWipe off the oil mist on the rail to prevent slipping.
Applicable railSmall: Under 60kg/m regular lail
Large: Over 73kg/m regular lail
Plate SizeSmall: Thickness 8mm × Deps 100mm × Width 160mm
Large: Thickness 8mm ×Deps 100mm × Width 260mm
Felt SizeSmall: Thickness 14mm×height 65mm×Width 110mm (5 sheets)
Large: Thickness 14mm×height 65mm×Width 200mm (5 sheets)
WeightSmall: 2232g (Exchange Felt alone:692g)
Large: 3115g (Exchange Felt alone:1150g)
NoteReplacement felt from the base component is available.
Felt Type Small
Felt Type Small (Reverse)
Felt Type Large

The video of installation example

Felt Type Large (Reverse)