Lithium grease for high load compounded with molybdenum and extreme-pressure agent.


High versatility lithium grease with excellent thermal-resistance, water-resistance, shear stability, etc., compounded with solid lubricant such as molybdenum disulfide to produce grease based on mineral oil with high wear-resistance and seizure prevention.

Usable in wide range from ordinary areas of construction machinery and facility machinery to high load area and prevent metal contact by forming a lubricating film of low friction on the sliding surface even under extreme-pressure that would cause ordinary grease to break the oil film, thereby reducing wear and seizure to exhibit extension of greasing interval and machinery lifespan. MOLY LG is compounded with molybdenum disulfide. MOLY LG-S is further compounded with extreme-pressure additive and is effective in areas where load is especially severe and wear is intense.


For bearing, sliding component, gear, pin, hinge, etc., under high load.

  • For turning gear, bearing, pin, bush, ball joint, boom, etc., of construction machinery.
  • For bearing, sliding component, wire rope, etc., of materials handling facility machinery (conveyor, crane, unloader, etc.).
  • Constant velocity ball joint of wheels.
  • Bearing, sliding component, and gear of various facility machinery (electric motor, press machine, fan, pump, etc.) under high load.
  • Use intended to extend the lifespan of machinery/component and greasing interval.
  • Operating temperature range: -10℃ to 130℃

※Do not mix among different types of grease.