SUKEGAWA-WORKS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “our company”) recognizes that the personal information of users is an important information asset and we comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, respect the right to privacy of users, and protect and handle personal information of users appropriately.

1、Intended use of personal information

The collection and use of personal information by our company is limited to the following purposes, and we handle them appropriately.
Transmission of e-mail newsletter.
Confirmation regarding requests.
Reply to requests and consultations.
Marketing activities such as online surveys.
Notice for various events such as a seminar, and introduction of new services and products.

2、Disclosure of personal information to a third-party.

The personal information obtained by our company may be provided to a third-party in a document or electronic form under any of the following conditions.
If prior consent is given by the user.
Upon request by judicial or governmental institutions or any other related institutions.
Personal information which may be provided: Name, company, department, position, phone number, e-mail address, and the content of request.

3、Safety management of personal information

At our company, regular training is implemented for employees regarding personal information of users in our possession, and we have an officer in charge of management of each department handling personal information to implement security measures to prevent loss, destruction, leak, alteration, or unauthorized access.

4、Nondisclosure agreement

Our company keeps confidentiality agreements with full-time employees, contract employees, contractors, and part-timers.

5、Use of cookies

Our website may use cookies.
Cookies are very small text files designed to store information needed to identify the computer on user’s computer.
Further, cookies do not identify the user individually.
The users are able to allow or disallow the use of cookies through the browser setting. Depending on the browser in use, the function of cookies may be invalidated through changing its setting; however, if you do so, all or part of the service on our website may not be used.

6、Revision of privacy policy

Our company, in an effort to protect the personal information of users at an optimal level at all times, or according to changes in laws and regulations, continually review our privacy policy from which we may make changes to the policy. The revised privacy policy will be posted on our website immediately.

7、Questions regarding disclosure of personal information, etc.

Please send questions and comments regarding the privacy policy of our website or the way we handle personal information to below.

Best regards,
Contact:Yukihiro Sukegawa