Following is the list of frequently asked questions regarding TOKKI products.
Please use them as reference for product selection and purchase.

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Flange Applicator & Solid Lubricant wax

Frequently asked questions regarding flange applicator and wax-base solid lubricant are listed.
Please use as reference when reviewing products.

What are the characteristics of wax-base solid lubricant?

The method of applying lubricant to wheel flange surface had difficulties in that the oil dripped down to the rail, which made the wheel slip, and the oil discharge of extreme-pressure load could not prevent wear from galling. The film of wax-base solid lubricant having molybdenum disulfide as its primary component formed on the wheel flange surface is retained against extreme-pressure load and exhibits extremely high wear resistance.(Refer to the data from the shell type four ball load carrying capacity test.)

Which will be more common in the future, lubricant film or wax-base solid lubricant film?

In future, the environmental problem will be under further scrutiny.
From the perspective of preventing global environmental pollution, we think the use of wax-base solid lubricant having molybdenum, which does not pose a problem of environmental pollution, as its primary component will become popular. In particular, as in the response to the question, “What are the characteristics of wax-base solid lubricant?” its effect is tremendous in areas subject to extreme-pressure load, and the product has been in use in many factories for over 40 years.

What are some of the product types of wax-base solid lubricant?

There are total of 4 types: Bordon wax small/large dedicated to use by the flange applicator; and, Super Wax small and large. There is also the Semicircular Column Wax, which is designed to prevent wear on wire rope for safety nets, as well as Handy Wax, which comes in a size that the workers can store in their pockets for hand coating.

What is the service life of a single wax-base solid lubricant used for flange applicator?

It depends on the condition of use, but the effect lasts for about 4 months or longer once the wax-base solid lubricant is set.
This is the same principle as coloring paper with a crayon, wherein an additional layer does not form on top because the substance slips.
If using for the first time, the wax consumption will be quick until a film is formed on the flange surface and rail side surface.

How do I select a flange applicator?

The selection is made based on the inner dimension (width of trail surface) of the lane wheel flange. Standard dimensions are listed on the page for each product. Further, the rail size (kg/m) is just for reference, please think of it as a supplement to selection standard.

What is the service life of a wheel flange component?

It depends on the condition of use, but the service life of a wheel flange component will be extended by 3-4 times.

Is it safe in terms of the environment?

The primary components of wax-base solid lubricant are molybdenum disulfide and paraffin, which are not components with a burden on the environment. (If SDS is required, please let us know.)
Further, wax-base solid lubricant does not permeate like oil to contaminate the area around the crane and is very environmentally friendly.

What are the effects on the human body?

Molybdenum disulfide is basically harmless, but it does blacken your hands if it gets on them. (If SDS is required, please let us know.)

Rail Sweeper

Frequently asked questions regarding rail sweeper are listed.
Please use as reference when reviewing products.

What are the characteristics of rail sweepers?

Brushed off dust or foreign substances accumulated on the rail surface for safe operation and wear prevention.
Ground belt type rail sweepers will discharge electricity accumulated on the crane to the rail through the brush. Further, felt type rail sweepers prevent wheels from slipping due to oil mist and moisture accumulation on the rail.

What are some of the product types?

We have total of 6 types: Standard type (flat belt for scraper is attached diagonally) small and large; ground belt type small and large; and, felt type small and large. There is also the ground brush for urethane wheel hoist.

What is the service life of the brush?

It depends on the condition of use, but most customers replace it every 2-3 years.

How do I select a rail sweeper?

Based on rail size, please select large for rails 73 kg/m or more, small for rails 60 kg/m or less. Please contact us for surface cleaning of nonstandard dimension (I type steel or H type steel).

Regarding your purchase

Frequently asked questions regarding purchase of products such as flange applicator and wax-base solid lubricants are listed.
Please use them as reference.

How do I make a purchase?

Direct sale at wholesale pricing is available for crane makers, crane maintenance companies, trading companies, and tool sellers. Please contact us.
For customers using cranes, direct sale is available if installation is possible by the department in charge of crane inspection and maintenance and an account can be opened.
If an account cannot be opened, please place an order through the trading company or the tool seller with which you have a business.
Further, if your company cannot perform installation, please place an order through a crane maintenance company or a crane maker.

Are wax-base solid lubricant sold separately?

The desired volume is sold separately only when purchasing with flange applicator.

Can a brush be purchased by itself?

The standard brush, ground belt brush and felt brush can be detached from the rail sweeper itself. Therefore, a replacement brush is sold by itself.

What is the shipping cost?

We handle the shipping cost regardless of order size. However, order for Sumico Lubricant Co., Ltd. products require separate shipping costs.
But only in Japan.

Is there product warranty?

A single product comes with an instruction manual in which the last page is a warranty. Upon delivery of the product, fill in the date and store. Product warranty period is one year from the date of installation or purchase date.

I would like to review the installation dimensions prior to purchase. Can I get a hold of the product diagrams?

CD containing diagram for each product in CAD (DXF) and PDF is available upon request.